Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome to My Daily Fortune!

What is My Daily Fortune?
In 2011, Kansas City writer Matt Kelsey opened a fortune cookie every day and followed the advice of the fortune inside. He also chronicled his journey on this blog. During the year, the fortunes inspired Kelsey to get a tattoo, wear women's makeup, become a vegetarian for a week, take a 48-hour vow of silence, eat a whole carrot every day for a month, and even played the lucky numbers on the back of the fortunes in the lottery every day (losing nearly 90% of his $365 investment). Throughout the year, Kelsey's journey was featured on local and national print, television and radio outlets, and thousands visited the blog to keep track of the quest.

And the fun continues in 2012! Here are a few ways to enjoy My Daily Fortune:


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