Friday, January 28, 2011

Dog update

Here's a picture of the little fella (yes, he's a boy), playing in the snow in our backyard:

Jamie had him checked out by a vet today. The pup's about eight months old and he's in good health and heartworm-free. We've had no luck finding an owner; he doesn't have a microchip, and our online ads have received no positive response.

Jamie also got him cleaned up today, and he's a lot happier than he was last night. Our cats seem to be fairly indifferent to him, but there have been a few altercations.


  1. Cookie is definitely cute! I'm thinking Lhasa Apso, but Shitzu is a definite possibility. As long as the altercations remain short, I would chalk it up to the establishment of individual domain. Good job! Cheers to both you and Jamie! Please add more updates along with your daily fortunes.

  2. When is cookie coming to see me?