Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CONTEST: Tina had a bad day... but her son's having a good night

Thanks to "tina" for posting her own take on today's fortune! She's now eligible for the January writing contest.

"Ha!" Tina wrote about today's fortune, which was You will soon bring joy to someone. She continued: "Someone took $7 out of my tip jar today! I worked very hard for my $7 tip today. I'm a manicurist. JOY! How can a person be joyful about stealing? I'm hoping I didn't bring them joy."

But Tina's day was bound to get better:

"I would like to go home and see the joy on my three-year-old's face when I bring home this LEGO box. Even though it's recommended for ages 7 and up, his joy is priceless."

Thanks, Tina, and I hope your son enjoys his LEGOs and keeps them out of his mouth.


  1. You are very welcome and THANK YOU. TARHEELS! TARHEELS! DEFENSE! DEFENSE! That's all I heard last night. My child is awesome! Toys do not exist when Carolina is playing.