Monday, January 17, 2011

Today's fortune: January 17, 2011

Today's fortune: You will be called upon to celebrate some good news.
I wasn't exactly called upon to celebrate any good news today. I was the one doing the calling.

But I did find some good news. Quite a lot, actually, from several different sources. Only a few of the people I contacted didn't have any good news to report.

The first person I heard back from with good news was my (much) older brother, Marty. He's a middle school broadcasting teacher, and although he's pretty corny and I make fun of him every chance I get, he's a darn good one. Marty reported the good news that some of his broadcast students are going to be interviewing Jennie Finch, who has been called the most famous softball player ever.

That's pretty cool.

Then I made a plea to my friends on Facebook, begging for good news. I got some wonderful responses, as well as one silly one from my peculiar friend Dave, who said, "I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico." Thanks, Dave.

My cousin Cindy from South Carolina reported that her kids got several days off of school last week for what I can imagine was a terrible, horrible dusting of snow (they can't take their winter weather down there in the South). In addition to that, the kids also got the day off today in celebration of Martin Luther King Day.

On that note - is there any single person who was responsible for more good news in this country than Martin Luther King?

My friend Angel also reported some good news; at her new job, she finally got her own desk. Now she wants to celebrate by having a rubber band fight.

Finally, Jesse, a colleague of mine through one of my other writing ventures, I-70 Baseball, responded with some truly inspiring news: pitchers and catchers report to Spring training next month - which means baseball season is just around the corner!

That's the very best news of all.

No, wait. I have better news than that: Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' condition has taken a huge upswing, and in fact media reports indicate the legislator, who was a victim of a shooting last Saturday, could even be discharged from the hospital soon.

That's good news we can all celebrate.


  1. Awesome, awesome post. One of my favs.

    Also, if your brother's class is near KC, I'd be happy to give them a tour of FOX 4 sometime. Lemme know!

  2. Well, I'm sure you just made my brother's day!

  3. I still haven't gotten my rubberband fight. :(