Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's fortune: January 21, 2010

Today's fortune: An unexpected visitor will bring you good blessings.

I did in fact have an unexpected visitor today. And, that visitor actually helped me fulfill yesterday's fortune.

If you'll remember, the Jan. 20 fortune declared, "Tomorrow will be a productive day." Right on schedule, "tomorrow" showed up at midnight this morning. And I was ready for it. I rolled out of bed on time (the fortune also chided me against oversleeping) and left the house early - after adding a display ad to this blog and, of course, opening today's cookie.

I don't know how much I should reveal about the place I work. If you read the article about My Daily Fortune in the Kansas City Star, you know exactly where I work and what I do. And that's fine... I just think, for the sake of good business, I'll leave my workplace and my exact profession anonymous within the walls of this blog.

So let's just say I make widgets. At Acme, Inc.

As a newer widget maker at Acme, I am only expected to make two widgets per day. Starting next week, I'll be expected to make a few more. But for right now, the magic widget number is 2.

I was scrambling a bit this morning to increase my productivity and make yesterday's fortune come true. I was hoping I could get the approval to make three widgets, but I didn't really know the best way to approach it.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, an unexpected visitor appeared at my desk: a supervisor in the widget department. Not my supervisor, mind you, but a different supervisor, a very nice woman named Deb. Quite unexpected.

Apparently, one of the widget makers on Deb's team was out of the office, and Deb was asking for volunteers to make some of that person's widgets.

I jumped at the chance.

Today, I didn't just make three widgets. I made four. Double the productivity of a normal day so far.

I'd say that fulfills yesterday's fortune. And Deb was the unexpected visitor who helped me fulfill today's.


  1. I just happened to get Chinese food for lunch today. So when I checked out your blog for the first time and it mentioned readers posting our own fortunes, I thought "Wow! I was meant to comment today!"

    My fortune is: Be prepared to receive something special.

    I have been under the weather recently, so a cure for the common cold would be a very special "something" to receive. But, the more I thought about it, I realized I have done hundreds of things today. I spoke to people on the phone at work, I filled up my gas tank, I did some legal drafting, I added two friends on Facebook...

    Perhaps the something special that I am going to receive doesn't strike me as special at this point in time. But, looking back in a few weeks or months I will realize that an action or interaction that seemed so insignificant to me at the time really was "something special" that ultimately added meaning and/or depth to my life.

    Time will tell.