Monday, February 14, 2011

Today's fortune: February 14, 2011

Today's fortune: You will be fortunate in everything you put your hands on.
Surprisingly, this fortune has turned out to be prophetic. In all the little things that go on in my life, I've had a pretty great day.

And, it's Valentine's Day, which means I get to share a romantic dinner with my beautiful wife tonight.

I'll start at the beginning.

I'm not tech savvy, and I can't do much with this blog beyond the basics. But a few weeks ago, somebody gave me the idea that I should do a Video Fortune. I think it's a terrific plan, but I've never had the ability nor the free time to do it. After reading today's fortune, I decided to take time before work to figure it out. I shot a test video, uploaded it to my computer and successfully put it on the blog. Watch for my first-ever Video Fortune coming later this week!

I kicked ass at work today. I was starting, polishing and finishing widgets all day long. I even had time to take part in some arts and crafts, making this Valentine's Day card for my wife:

Pretty good, right? It looks like a really intelligent seven-year-old made it. But, you know, in a good way.

After work, I stopped by the grocery store to buy artichokes and a few other groceries. The artichokes will be stuffed later this evening, fulfilling a fortune from last week. I was able to navigate through the grocery store in record time, and I didn't forget a single thing from my shopping list. Then I drove home, weaving through traffic (safely) like a pro.

If the fortune continues to hold out, my famous Baked Penne with Roasted Vegetables and my soon-to-be-famous Stuffed Artichokes will turn out perfectly.

But I'll let Jamie be the judge of that.


  1. More like fortunate for me! Dinner was AWESOME! I had a great Valentines Day <3