Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today's fortune: February 26, 2011

Today's fortune: No obstacles will stand in your way this coming week.

I'm sitting in the kitchen of my aunt Kathy and uncle Ralph's house in Linn, Missouri, preparing to attend a couples baby shower for my cousin Adam and his main squeeze Kayla. To get here today, we had to overcome the obstacle of cold, rainy, nasty weather, and a three-hour drive down I-70 from Kansas City. We also faced obstacles at Target, where Jamie and my mother shopped for a shower present. There, I was quite literally dodging obstacles: you wouldn't believe how many cars and pedestrians decided to dart in front of me in the Jefferson City Target parking lot.

This fortune comes at an appropriate time, and I hope it's true. At my company, a full-production widget maker makes 40 widgets each week. Newbies start out at 10 per week, then they step you up to 15, and now I'm at 19 each week. But starting on Monday, I make the seemingly impossible jump to 28 widgets.

Twenty-eight! That's an extra nine widgets for the week, and it's the single-biggest jump in the step-up process they use to get us to full production.

I've been handling 19 widgets per week just fine. But I haven't exactly had a bunch of free time on my hands.

The old-timers at work tell me they all felt that way before they moved up to a higher production level. But I'm skeptical. And I'm fearing the worst.

I guess time will tell. The good news is, if I survive next week, I think I'll be able to cut it in this crazy widget-making world.

Let's hope next week is obstacle-free, and the widgets are nice and easy.

Here's another take on the fortune: my aunt and uncle, who run a greenhouse in the town of - I'm not making this up - Frankenstein, Missouri, think today's fortune refers to the weather. They're hopeful things turn around this coming week and the weather's just fine.

I hope they're right, too.

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  1. I think it means you're going to find your "sweet spot", and everything you do will seem comparatively effortless ... as though there were "no obstacles standing in your way". That is to say, there will likely be the usual number of obstacles, but you will avoid or circumvent them with ease. You should probably go for a 29th widget on the last day of your week, just for the sheer bravado the feat! ;) I will hold only good thoughts.