Friday, February 18, 2011

VIDEO FORTUNE, part 2: February 18, 2011

Today's fortune: A friend will soon reveal an exciting secret to you!

The script:
Today’s fortune was “A friend will soon reveal an exciting secret to you!” As usual, I shamelessly asked for help. But it’s strange to ask somebody to tell you a secret. That goes against the code of the secret: they can be offered, but never requested.
I did it anyway, and most of my friends shared something small and ultimately not exciting. But I would be a bad friend if I revealed those here, so I’ll stick to generalities. One friend fessed up to enjoying an embarrassing TV show. Another admitted they were addicted to a certain type of candy. Yet another confessed to hating a popular wedding tradition.However, one friend revealed something much more deep and dark, something that pains them to this day. I was stunned by this person’s frankness, and I promised I would never tell a soul.
When somebody tells you a secret, they are giving you a piece of themselves, and they are welcoming you into a part of their lives not many get to see. That responsibility should never be taken lightly.