Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today's fortune: March 17, 2011 - PHOTO ESSAY

Today's fortune: The most direct approach isn't always the best. Use diplomacy.

Today we received a very special delivery from Federal Express. Jamie came home from an appointment this morning to find this box, about a foot square, waiting on our porch.

"Frah-gee-ley. It must be Italian!"
Inside the box was a smaller, but still significant, white gift box.

Inside the gift box, we discovered an obscene amount of blue fluff.

Finally, underneath the fluff, was our special delivery, straight from a company called Fancy Fortune Cookies.

It's a one-pound, chocolate-and-M&M-covered fortune cookie! Check out the size above compared to the regular-sized cookie at left.

Jamie and I are going to be enjoying the cookie this weekend - and for several weekends to come, probably.

You may be thinking to yourself that this doesn't have anything to do with today's fortune. But you'd be wrong. The first sentence of the fortune says, "The most direct approach isn't always the best."

I could have started this post out by writing, "Got a big-ass fortune cookie in the mail today." But where's the fun, where's the drama, in that?

Also - by making the fortune font green up above, I was indirectly wishing you a happy St. Patrick's Day without saying so.

Let's talk for a moment about diplomacy. This is something I struggle with. Jamie and I went out to breakfast this morning. As we dined on waffles and biscuits & gravy, I mentioned an problem I'm dealing with at work. Mind you, I was just making conversation, not thinking about today's fortune, and Jamie had not yet read the fortune for today.

I don't want to discuss too much about the issue, but let's just say Jamie and I decided that I needed to confront the problem head-on.

Then, when I got to work, I remembered the fortune. I decided to wait and let the problem rest. I haven't dealt with it yet, but when I do, I will try my best to be diplomatic.

If that doesn't work, I'll just club the person over the head with a big-ass fortune cookie.