Friday, March 18, 2011

Today's fortune: March 18, 2011

Today's fortune: A long time admirer thinks highly of you.

Jamie was sitting next to me when I opened the fortune today. When I showed it to her, my calm, loving wife's first reaction was, "I'll kill the bitch."

She laughed... but only for a second.

After assuring Jamie that this fortune was not referring to a secret admirer (although how would I really know?), I pondered the words of the fortune: "A long time admirer thinks highly of you."

This could be true. And it could be untrue. I really have no way of knowing. I hope it's true, though. I like thinking that people have a good opinion of me. It's not what drives me, but you have to admit, being thought highly of is a goal for us all.

As I thought about this at work today, I helped a supervisor at Acme Co. discover the hidden power of fortune cookies.

While walking past the supervisor and a manager on my way to a lunch break, the manager asked me - as he does most days - "What was your fortune today, Kelsey?" I told him. The supervisor said she received a funny one the other day: "You will receive the gift of cake."

We shared a laugh. I said, "Did it come true?" She said, "Nope. No cake for me."

"Wait a minute," the manager said. He recalled that we had had a pot-luck lunch at the office the day before. The food was set up right next to the manager's desk. On that table was a green St. Patrick's Day cake, and the supervisor had eaten a piece.

"Woah," the supervisor said. "Creepy."

It's not exactly the plot of a horror movie, but still.

I thought this would be the end of the story today, but when I got home from work, I discovered that the person I admire most in this world admires me right back.

"Come into the kitchen," Jamie said, "and close your eyes. Don't peek!" Remembering the murderous look in her eyes from this morning, I did as she said. The only sounds I heard were a cat meowing, the refridgerator door opening and Jamie saying, "I fulfilled two of your past fortunes today. Okay, open your eyes."

In her left hand she held a beautiful, homemade arrangement of sliced fruit, arranged in a vase to look like flowers. The bouquet fulfilled a fortune from Tuesday, which said, "You will receive an (un)usual gift of food for your health."

In her right hand, Jamie was holding a styrofoam container. Inside the container was a piece of Platte County Pie from the Corner Cafe. I wrote about Platte County Pie on Wednesday when my fortune said, "Be good to yourself. Dessert three times per week is OK."

Jamie showed me what I already knew - that she loved me beyond all reason. She was thinking about me today. And her gifts showed an admiration that makes me humble.

Thanks, babe.