Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today's fortune: March 29, 2011

Today's fortune: People in your life will be more cooperative than usual.

Let me tell ya, it's a damn good thing this fortune came true.

I had a really rough time of it at work today. My widget inventory is climbing, my production level is ramping up, and at times today it felt like the whole world was falling in on me. Maybe this is the infamous "wall" everybody at work talks about bumping up against.

"You'll hit a wall," they say, "and you'll think you won't be able to push through it." In the past several weeks I've crashed through countless mini-walls, but they've all been easy to break through, like those tissue-paper walls you see in movies about Japan.

This one feels like it's made of brick. God, I hope it's the big one.

I talked to more customers today than I care to count. But you know what? They were all cooperative - just as the fortune predicted.

If they hadn't been, I very well might have murdered somebody.

Customers often disagree with the value of their widget, but today nobody disagreed with me - even as the widget makers around me were flooded with disputes. I talked to a couple attorneys (customers sometimes consult one when they don't want to deal with us directly about their widget), and although lawyers often live up to their reputation, even they were nice today. What's more, the really annoying widget customer I spoke to no less than seven times yesterday didn't call back today. So that's good.

I tell you what - I'm wiped out. Drained. Kaput. Sleeping with my eyes open. Dog tired. I'm gonna go away now and unwind by watching reruns of "The Office" on TBS and eating some dinner. I'm sure I'll fall asleep soon, but hopefully after I put the fork down.


  1. tomorrow will be a better day. hang in there

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