Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today's fortune: March 5, 2011

Today's fortune: A four-wheeled adventure will soon bring you happiness.

Jamie and I have enjoyed a lazy Saturday. And since it is Saturday, we were able to incorporate four wheels and a little suburban adventure into our day.

After I rolled out of bed, cracked open today's cookie and showed the resulting fortune to Jamie, she declared, "I have a plan!" I was still groggy, so I agreed without thinking of the ramifications. What was I agreeing to? A day at the home improvement store picking out drapes? Quality time at Pottery Barn? Shoe shopping? Oh god, not shoe shopping!

But Jamie actually came up with a fun, productive plan (not surprising, actually; I painted her in a bad light above, and if you read this blog you know how I really feel about my wife).

We began our four-wheeled adventure by hopping in Jamie's SUV and driving to a delightful breakfast. Then we made our way south to the suburbs of Johnson County. We needed cat food and litter, and JoCo is the closest place for us. After dropping sixty bucks on a supply of food and litter that should last for, I don't know, a few hours, we headed to our favorite discount grocer, Aldi. We spent about forty-five bucks on foodstuffs to last us a week or so. It's pretty sad that we spent more on cat food than people food.

Afterward, we drove by this really cool house where lots and lots of exotic birds live, including peacocks, emus, roosters and some kind of flightless bird that I believe is called a guineafowl. All I know is they look like footballs with little feet:

If you could guarantee that you wouldn't hurt it, wouldn't it be awesome to
walk up to one of these birds and just... kick it as hard as you could? Sorry, PETA.

We snapped a few pictures and then hit the road back toward home. Along the way, though, Jamie asked if we could go shoe shopping. No kidding.

I was in a good mood, so I agreed. And, in fact, while Jamie couldn't find anything she liked, I purchased a pair of very comfortable and very ugly loafers. I'm wearing them right now, and someday I might even build up the courage to wear them out of the house!

We bought lunch to take back home and sat down to watch the visceral film 127 Hours on DVD. Fortunately, we finished eating before the one part where James Franco becomes about five pounds lighter.

Although we didn't "four-wheel" in the traditional, Redneckian sense, we used our four wheels to have a wonderful Saturday morning. I think the spirit of the fortune has been fulfilled.