Monday, April 11, 2011

Today's fortune: April 11, 2011

Today's fortune: Be prepared to modify your plans.

Yesterday was a milestone day for My Daily Fortune. I opened the 100th fortune cookie of the year!

Since Jamie hijacked the blog yesterday (and didn't she do a wonderful job?), I didn't get much of a chance to commemorate the occasion.

If you were wondering, and I know you were, here's what 100 cookie fortunes looks like:

U.S. Presidents are usually judged in one way or another by their first 100 days in office. So I'll let you be the judge of this blog's first 100 days. How do you think it's going? Would you like to see any changes? What was your favorite fortune? Your favorite post? Just post something in the comments to let me know.

By the way - the first person who posts with their favorite fortune in the first 100 days wins a "Key of Success" FortuneKeeper!

Now... on to today's fortune - which, as you'll see, is incredibly precient.

I've been running into the increasingly frustrating problem of duplicate fortunes. This is a problem I did not anticipate when the project started. In fact, I naïvely assumed that buy buying 400 cookies before the project started, I'd have more than enough to make it through to the end.


It was getting to the point over the last couple weeks that I'd have to open seven or eight cookies each morning before I would find an original. And the cookies I purchased at Aldi last month? Turns out they're made by Fortune Cookie Factory, Inc., the same company that manufactured my original supply. Hence, the fortunes were the same.

Yesterday, I decided it was time to buy a new supply from a new manufacturer.

I was in Liberty, Mo., yesterday afternoon, and on my way home I stopped at a Liberty Chinese restaurant. I asked to buy a case of fortune cookies, and they brought out a case identical to the supply I already had - Baily Fortune Cookie (manufactured by the aforementioned Fortune Cookie Factory, Inc.).

I said no thanks and drove across town to Liberty's other Chinese restaurant. They also brought out a box of Baily fortunes.

On the verge of giving up, I started to drive back to KCK. But I decided that since I was out, I may as well stop by every Chinese restaurant between Liberty and KCK. There are a lot.

I'm shocked Fortune Cookie Factory, Inc., is not a Fortune 500 company. But they have the Chinese restaurant market cornered in Kansas City. Every gol-darn one of them uses Baily Fortune Cookies.

Except one. On North Oak in Gladstone, I found a hole-in-the-wall buffet that uses Shang Pin brand cookies, manufactured by Asian Foods, Inc. I bought a case for eleven bucks. I should have known the restaurant would be good to me when I saw this happy fella in the window.

Buddha and I have the same build.

The very first cookie I pulled out of the box revealed today's fortune: "Be prepared to modify your plans."

I'd say switching cookie manufacturers is a pretty big modification. I mean, who knows what will happen? Maybe these fortunes will make me do even crazier stuff.


  1. Which of the two suppliers have the best tasting cookies?

  2. Definitely the original batch. These new ones are dry and a lot less sweet.

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