Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today's fortune: April 13, 2011

Today's fortune: You will surround yourself with warmth and riches.

We're in that silly weather season where one day the mercury could rise to 85 and the next morning plummet to freezing. But the days are more warm now than cold, so in that way this fortune already came true.

When I hear "You will surround yourself with warmth," I get an image in my head of a guy putting on a sweater or covering up with a blanket. It so happens I have a favorite blanket, which I use whenever I'm sitting in my favorite, warm, baseball-glove-like leather chair. And I also have a favorite sweater, one I bought when I started working at Acme Co. It's a fleece zip-up number with the Acme logo printed on the left side. I wear it to work damn near every day, because it keeps me warm inside the cold building and it's comfortable as all get-out. I wash it often, though. I swear.

"Warmth" also makes me think of the nighttime, when Jamie and I snuggle together underneath a down comforter. My warmest, most favorite place in the world is next to her.

Now, as far as "riches" go... well, I'm hoping this part of the fortune comes true soon. Even though I'm making more money at this current job than I ever have in my life, our bank account doesn't seem to be growing. We're working on it, though: as I promised in a previous fortune, Jamie and I have been working to create a budget.

However, perhaps this fortune isn't talking about financial gain. "Riches" could mean anything. I will refer you to the statement I made two paragraphs ago.

Also - I did receive a form of "riches" at work today. Remember last month when I shared about the two gold balloons I was given to honor my widget-making speed and customer service? Well, Twinkle and Goldie got a couple new friends today.

Goldie is holding up nicely, but Twinkle is beginning to sag.
"Your balloons are going to block out the sun," my manager said as he handed the new balloons to me - again, in recognition of speed and customer service.

Not too shabby, Matt. Not. Too. Shabby.