Friday, April 15, 2011

Today's fortune: April 15, 2011

Today's fortune: Your lucky number today is nine.

The first thing I did after I read the fortune this morning was to Google the number 9, just to get an idea of what the Internet thinks that number means. One of the first-page hits was the Wikipedia page for the number 9 (yes, there's a Wikipedia page for the freakin' number 9).

I learned from the Wikipedia page (or, rather, was reminded) that "9 is the natural number following 8 and preceding 10." I also read that 9 is the highest single-digit number. Additionally, I discovered that 9 truly is a "lucky number" - in mathematical terms, at least. Here's the Wikipedia page about the mathematical concept of lucky numbers. I would try to explain it here, but I don't want my brain to 'splode.

Back at the Google search page, another first-page item was a web page about the rapper Tech N9NE. Tech is a Kansas City rapper, which is cool, and before today I had never really heard any of his songs. Since his lyrics aren't exactly cookie blog-friendly, I'll let you YouTube Tech yourself. But I gotta say, the song Dysfunctional is pretty enjoyable.

After I arrived at work this morning, I stopped by the Company Store and rented the movie "Nine" starting Daniel Day Lewis. Jamie has seen it and says I'll like it, but he doesn't exactly look like Bill the Butcher in this movie.

Badass Daniel Day-Lewis...

...and the other Daniel Day-Lewis.

I arrived at my desk and logged in precisely at 9 a.m. The number nine didn't come up much during my work today, but at 12:06 (1+2+0+6=9) I took my lunch break, which lasted 36 minutes (3+6). During that lunch break, I read nine pages in my book, and I even squeezed in a nine-minute nap. I logged back in from lunch at 12:42 (1+2+4+2). Then I left work at exactly 3:33 p.m. (3+3+3) for a wonderfully short day.

One other thing... Friday is casual day at work, and everybody wears jeans and T-shirts. I didn't have any clean jeans, so I wore khakis and a nice, formal sweater. You could say that compared to everbody else at Acme Co., I was dressed to the nines.

Tonight Jamie and I will watch "Nine" while eating my homemade pasta gorgonzola with vegetables. The word "vegetable," by the way, has nine letters. Afterwards, we'll watch the tail-end of the Royals game, where nine starters will try to win the team's ninth game of the season.