Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today's fortune: April 28, 2011

Today's fortune: Today will be lucky and memorable for you.

For the second time this week, I had the surreal feeling that the fortunes were making things... happen.

You'll see what I mean. But at the beginning of the day today, I was worried my day would be neither lucky nor memorable. Nothing particularly extraordinary happened. I was still mellow from yesterday's extreme relaxation, and work was productive if uneventful.

By midday I was ready to seek help. I turned to my trusty fortune cookie helper Katie, also known as K3, who has given great advice in the past. She pondered "Today will be lucky and memorable for you," and then said, "Well..."

Nothing. Or so I thought. After a few minutes, she said, "The Royal Wedding is tomorrow morning," she said. "Oh, but wait. The fortune says you'll be lucky and memorable today."

That was true... But the wedding takes place at five a.m. tomorrow. I didn't open today's fortune until about 7:30. That's within the 24-hour window!

"I can squeeze a post out of that," I told Katie.

Really, the Royal Wedding is something memorable. The wedding of Catherine Middleton to Prince William has the appearance of one of those "I remember where I was when..." moments.

But then something truly memorable occurred.

Once or twice a week, people walk down the rows of cubicles selling raffle tickets, hocking baked goods or giving away stuff for different events. Once, everybody got an apple to promote a healthy living initiative. Sometimes we get vouchers for free lunches. It's really cool, and it breaks up the monotony of the workday.

Today, they brought around a cart and gave everybody a little green piece of paper. The paper was promoting an event sponsored by Acme Co's Diversity Club, an international food festival called "Taste of the World."

Stapled to the paper was a friggin' fortune cookie.

No kidding.

I had to shake my head and pinch myself to make sure it really happened. Then I got about ten instant messages from co-workers who follow the blog asking my opinion of the event.

The fortune was a Baily cookie, the brand I used at the beginning of this journey. I've since switched over to Shang Pin because I kept running into duplicates with Baily cookies. And sure enough, those around me who cracked open cookies read out some of my greatest hits, like "Reaffirm your faith in financial plans. Make a budget."

I opened my cookie too, and much to my surprise, I got an original, one I've never used before on this blog.

"An interesting sports opportunity is in your near future."

If nobody objects,  think I'll use it for my fortune tomorrow.

Turned out to be a pretty memorable and lucky day.


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