Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today's fortune: April 30, 2011

Today's fortune: Your investments of time now will lead to success later.

We come to the end of the fourth month of this project, and on Monday we'll arrive at Day 122, which will mean we're officially one-third of the way through. Somehow it doesn't seem like I've been doing this for a third of a year already, but simultaneously it seems like I've been at it for a lot longer.

Talk about an investment of time: when I started this project, I understood the implications of doing this every day for a year. But what I didn't take into account was the mental energy required to not only follow each fortune but to then write about it - every single day.

I've written before about how I hope this blog leads to bigger and better things for me personally. The simple act of following the advice of 365 fortunes (which are almost always positive messages) has been good for me and, hopefully, the people around me. That, I think, should be considered a great success.

Today I made a couple other, smaller time commitments that will lead to a certain amount of success. One of them is silly: I borrowed a book from my local library recently ("The Girl Who Played With Fire," the second installment of the late Stieg Larsson's wonderfully addictive Millennium series). The book is due back on Tuesday. After reading today's fortune, I decided to make a time commitment to finishing the book this weekend. The success here is I won't pay any fees and I won't have to re-check the book. (See, I told you it was silly.)

The other time commitment I made today has been much more fruitful. Jamie has spent almost every weekend recently studying. She hardly looks up from her textbooks or her laptop. Today, as she studied away in my office, I decided to tidy up the house, including our living room, dining room and bathroom. One of the most time-consuming jobs was cleaning off our dining room table. We never eat there, and since it sits right by the side door, it becomes our dumping ground for the detritus we carry in with us every day. To find a place for all the stuff was a time-consuming task, and as with any good cleaning job, a large amount of it ended up in the trash can.

So the dining room table is now clean enough you could eat off of it (what a novel idea).

Here's the success: up until a few minutes ago, Jamie was crunched up in an easy chair, her textbook balanced precariously on her lap and her neck arched over her tablet. Then an idea struck her, and she proclaimed: "I'm gonna go study at the dining room table!"

Now she's able to sit in a posture-friendly position. She has ample light. And now my beatiful wife won't get a sore neck.

Even though he neck should be ache-free now, maybe I'll give her a back rub later. That kind of investment in time occasionally leads to... other types of success.


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