Friday, April 8, 2011

Today's fortune: April 8, 2011

Today's fortune: Rely on your friends today to help make that difficult decision.

Nearly 100 days into this project, I decided to take this fortune as an opportunity to give my brain a break. The way I interpreted today's bit of wisdom is, "Allow your friends to make all your decisions for you."

Most of my decisions today were miniscule, which is good. Difficult decisions ratchet up the stress level, and my stress level at work the past couple weeks has been ratcheted nearly to the breaking point.

When it was time for my pre-scheduled, 100-calorie morning snack, I enacted the fortune for the first time by asking my friend Quincy if I should have a small bag of Cheez-It knockoffs or a small bag of chocolate chip cookie crisps. She said, "Go with the Cheez-Its." Good choice. They were delicioso.

Later I moseyed on down to the Acme company store, where we can rent movies for a buck per night, and also a buck for the whole weekend. It's like an on-site RedBox with a better selection and shorter lines (did I mention working at Acme is awesome?). Jamie wanted me to rent the Clint Eastwood-directed flick "Hereafter," so I did. I also wanted to pick up a second film, but I couldn't decide between "The Tourist" or "I Love You Phillip Morris." I asked the storekeeper which I should choose.

"I haven't seen either of them," the storekeep said. "But I've heard 'I Love You Phillip Morris' is absolutely hilarious. I haven't heard good things about 'The Tourist.'"

That was good enough for me. Tonight I'll let Jamie decide whether we watch "Hereafter" or this:

At lunchtime, I asked a friend whether I should have a peanut butter granola bar or an oats & honey granola bar. She opted for oats & honey. For my afternoon snack, a friend helped me decide between cheese and crackers or rice crisps (a lot of the food I eat on this diet comes in crisp form). Rice crisps it was.

The funniest decision made for me today was by my friend Dejon. I asked her what I thought at the time was a complicated question: "I'm feeling a little chilly. I have a sweater, but I'm worried that if I put it on I'll get hot. What should I do?"

Her reply: "Put the sweater on, and if you get hot, take it off." She didn't say it, but I could just tell she wanted to add the word "dipshit."

Jamie and I have used Friday as our date night lately. This week was my turn to plan the outing, but I was having difficulty making a decision. So I turned it over to Jamie. We bar-hopped in Bonner Springs, a town where you wouldn't think bar hopping would be possible.

Tomorrow, I'll turn my brain back on and start making decisions for myself again.

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