Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today's fortune: May 4, 2011

Today's fortune: You have a charming way with words. Send an e-mail to a friend.

A couple of my more, um, "sophisticated" friends on Facebook pointed out that today, May fourth, is Star Wars Day. "May the Fourth be with you." Har dee har har.

Those are friends I won't be e-mailing today. Although one Star Wars character could help me fulfill my Green Week update for the day.

Too easy that would be.

If this fortune sounds familiar, that's because I received a similar one back on February 20. The fortune that day was "It's time to write a letter or email to one who is distant."

This fortune was so similar that I almost tossed it aside as a duplicate. But I changed my mind when I re-examined the two side by side. The first fortune is more focused on the recipient, specifically telling me to contact "one who is distant." Today's fortune is focused not on the recipient, but the e-mail itself: "You have a charming way with words. Send an e-mail to a friend."
So in that vein, I sent an e-mail that I knew would come back undeliverable.

I sent a message to my old friend Lisa, one of those people with whom I lost track, a memory from days gone by. We all have friends like this, people we lose touch with, but who we remember fondly and hope to re-connect with down the road. The only e-mail address I have for her is a dead end.

I knew Lisa back when we both lived in Washington, D.C. as summer interns. We worked for different government agencies, but we lived together with a group of other interns from around the country.

Choosing Lisa as the person I would e-mail is appropriate, because we used to exchange hilarious e-mails in Washington. On a particularly warm summer day, I e-mailed Lisa and exclaimed how hot it was. She replied with only this:

"It's hotter than a half-f***ed fox in a forest fire."

Only she used the real word.

After I picked myself up off the floor, I replied with, "It's hotter than a half-boinked beaver in a broiler." She responded, "hotter than a half-rocked rooster in a raging river." We must have e-mailed back and forth a dozen times, and, well, that was all either of us accomplished that day (the government doesn't expect much of its unpaid interns).

Today I sent an e-mail to Lisa's dead account listing as many of the sayings as I could remember. I already got the undeliverable notice.


On Sunday, I visited a greenhouse during Day 1 of Green Week. In addition to some hanging baskets, I also purchased enough herbs to create an herb garden for Jamie. When I got home from work today, I planted the herbs in a little pot, and placed it out on our back porch.

We were also waiting to hang those baskets until the chances of a freeze were over. Today, I put them in their rightful place next to the My Daily Fortune Bird Mansion (which is still, sadly, vacant).

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