Saturday, June 11, 2011

Today's fortune: June 11, 2011

Today's fortune: You will be transforming a situation in your life now with a positive attitude.

What a great day! I went from begrudgingly wearing makeup yesterday to wanting to put an exclamation point at the end of every sentence!

I used the power of positive thinking to transform a cruddy situation into a solved problem today, and it was awesome! (Okay, I'll knock it off with the exclamation points.)

Last night, Jamie and I were hosting our friend Garrett for dinner and a movie, but shortly before Garrett arrived our kitchen sink and dishwasher became clogged, which flooded our kitchen floor as a result. Not exactly the best hosting environment. Jamie and I spent the first half-hour of the evening trying to plunge away the clog (unsuccessfully) and cleaning up water with a bunch of bath towels. It sucked.

But after I opened today's fortune early this morning, I decided to take my positive attitude to the problem at hand. While Jamie was still sleeping, I removed the J-pipe from under the sink and discovered the clog wasn't there. Then I took apart the drain system from the dishwasher and removed some crud, grease, food particles and, inexplicably, a wood screw, but none of them seemed to be the root of the problem.

I went back to bed to mull the matter over, and after we both slept in we wandered out of the house for breakfast. We also stopped by a store to purchase a bottle of Drano, and when we got home I applied it to the clogged sink. An hour later, I flushed the system with boiling water.

The clog was still there.

But by now I had infected Jamie with my positive attitude, and we both went to work on the clog, she plunging one side of the double sink, me holding a wad of towels over the opening in the other side. After only a few minutes of work, the water tornadoed down the sink and the clog was free.

You may think this was a simple problem that was resolved with a simple solution, and you'd be right. But you know what? If I hadn't opened that fortune this morning, I'm certain - one hundred percent - that the clog would still be there, and we'd still be walking through a puddle of water on our kitchen floor.

Instead, Jamie and I used the power of positive thinking to fix the problem. And we cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom. After I write the last words of this post, we are going to celebrate by packing a picnic basket and driving to a local park to enjoy one of the most positively beautiful days I've ever seen.