Sunday, June 26, 2011

Today's fortune: June 26, 2011

Today's fortune: A faithful friend is a strong defense.

I've learned a lot about the friends I'm blessed with in the past 36 hours.

Jamie and I, along with my parents, spent the weekend with some terrific friends in Iowa. They're salt-of-the-earth folk, farmers or children of farmers for the most part, and they've never had a cross word for anyone - except in jest. The friends we know in Iowa are a second family to me, and I love them.

The wedding we attended yesterday in Iowa was probably the most beautiful religious ceremony I've ever seen. Beautiful in its simplicity. The setting was the Willow Creek Glass Chapel in Shelby, Iowa. It's out in the middle of nowhere - or, more precisely, the middle of a cornfield - and it's purposefully hidden away from industrialized life. True to its name, the chapel is made mostly of windows, giving views to the scenery outside the building.

Photo from the chapel's website; see link above.

The chapel itself is gorgeous, but the real scene stealer is the setting iself. Here's a photo I snapped from the parking lot.

(Side note: Although Jamie was planning on getting blitzed at the reception, she wasn't really feeling it last night and decided to stay sober. A good decision... for everybody.)

On the ride home from Iowa today, I received a phone call from my brother informing me that he and several other people on my e-mail contacts list had received spam messages from my account. I'm pretty sure every single person in my address book got a spam e-mail from me. It was embarrassing, but I sent an apology e-mail letting my friends know what's going on. I also informed them that contrary to what the e-mails stated, I don't have any stock tips, I can't place a bet on a sporting event, and I have no idea how to enlarge one's penis.

But here's how it applied to today's fortune: my defenses were weakened by an e-mail virus. My faithful friends were affected. And in my time of need, they rallied to come to my defense. In addition to my brother, several other close friends texted or e-mailed to let me know that I'd been hacked.

A faithful friend is a strong defense. When I first read the fortune this morning I didn't really understand it. Now it makes perfect sense.

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