Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today's fortune: June 9, 2011

Today's fortune: Soon, a visitor shall delight you.

This fortune came true today, and it will come true again in a little over a week.

Today, I had lunch with my good friend Phil. We used to be co-workers at the U.S. Census Bureau, and shortly after we met we developed a relationship based mostly on good-natured ribbing. Phil can be quite pugnacious, but if you know him and you like him, it comes off as an enjoyable exercise. But I quickly came to terms with that fact that if I didn't like Phil so much, I'd really, really hate him.

Phil came to my neck of the woods today for lunch, and his visit was certainly a delight. We talked about old times, old friends, new events and timeless problems. I gain a lot of wisdom from Phil. He's significantly older than me, so I can ask him questions like, "What was it like to see Babe Ruth play ball?" and "Did you vote for Lincoln?" You know, stuff like that.

To give you an example of our relationship, here's a recent text message dialogue we shared - and I swear this is verbatim.

Matt: Free for lunch tomorrow?
Phil: I would love to but having our shower upgraded. Not sure when they will be done.

Matt: We can just wait til next week. i want you to take a shower before we meet.

Phil: We have three showers. Knucklehead.

Matt: three showers for two people. and you say democrats are ruining the country.

Phil: Came with the house.

We get together for lunch about once a month. My comments here won't offend him, because I know he has some comebacks locked and loaded for our next conversation. If he can just remember them.


This fortune will be fulfilled again next Sunday, which is Father's Day. We'll be visited by my dad (and my mom) for an afternoon barbecue. My dad always brings me delight, and it's a crime there's only one day on the calendar to honor fathers.