Friday, July 15, 2011

Today's fortune: July 15, 2011

Today's fortune: Good food brings good health and longevity.

The post about yesterday's fortune was brief. One word, to be exact. But it was one word for a reason. Yesterday's fortune was, "A single word can keep one warm for years." So my writeup was a single word, the warmest word out there: Love.

But there were other single words yesterday, too. For my wife, who is still ailing from a bad back, I left her with the word "Rest" as I walked out the door to work. For my cat, Short Round, who has seemed overly stressed lately, I gave her the word "Relax." For a co-worker who was overwhelmed with her widget inventory, the word was "Productivity." When I asked Jamie to share a word that described her feelings for me, she told me the word was "Admire." I, of course, melted when she told me that.

While yesterday's fortune told us about staying warm for years, today's fortune addresses how many years you may have: "Good food brings good health and longevity."

Tomorrow, I will be partaking in some good food. Remember last month when I became a vegetarian for a week? Well, tomorrow will be just the opposite.

My brother is hosting a Carnivore Party. That's right. The only food on the menu is meat. And sauce.

It'll be just like this, except without all the vegetables.

I'll definitely get my daily recommended serving of protien.

I'll be bringing marinated buffalo chicken strips, the prep work of which I am beginning tonight. Carnivore Party pictures will surely follow.