Friday, July 29, 2011

Today's fortune: July 29, 2011

Today's fortune: Your eyes will soon be opened to a world full of beauty, charm and adventure.

Beauty, charm and adventure presented themselves to me in the confines of my office today.

It's been a busy couple of weeks at Acme Co. Widget inventory is up, and all the widget makers are working longer hours than ever before (in fact, my supervisor told me this is the busiest period the department has seen in 30 years). Everybody seems to be handling it well, and we like getting paid for overtime, but we're all a little bit on edge, too.

Almost as if in anticipation of that, three events coincided today to make for one crazy, crazy place. All three events, as it turns out, were contests, and each coincided with one of hte tenets of this fortune.

Beauty: Trucker Hat Competition

That's right, trucker hats. Everyone wore their best - or worst. I got into the action, too, wearing the closest thing I own to a trucker hat, this mesh-sided Royals cap my parents got me when they went to Spring Training a couple years ago:

But my simple baseball cap didn't stand a chance. Some people wore intricate, beautifully hideous caps with elaborate back-stories. Other trucker hats even included accessories, like this one, complete with a fake mullet:

Adventure: Hula Hoop Contest

A committee in the office was giving away tickets to an upcoming Katy Perry concert, and to give away the tickets they held a hula hoop contest. One of my teammates organized the contest, and all week potential competitors have been coming by her desk to practice their skills. But they didn't know a ringer was in their midst: a girl who could not only hula-hoop for endurance (the purpose of the contest), but who could also do tricks with her hoop. She won easily. My friend Chelsea, who spent several minutes each day practicing, came in a respectable third place:

Charm: American Idol Trivia Contest

I could have entered this contest, but I would have had to charm my way to victory. The only reason I'd ever watch American Idol is if the remote was broken and I was held down by restraints... or if my wife told me we were going to watch it (fortunately, that's never happened).

But I had a simple strategy: just answer "Kelly Clarkson" for every question. And darn the bad luck - "Kelly Clarkson" was the correct answer to one of the questions! I should have entered!