Monday, August 1, 2011

Today's fortune: August 1, 2011

Today's fortune: You will move to a wonderful new home within the year.

Well, let's just face facts: This fortune is most likely not going to come true. I can't envision any scenario where Jamie and I move to a "wonderful new home" within the year. We're pretty much locked into our little three-bedroom ranch home on the west side of Kansas City.

But here's something ironic. At Acme Co., we work in cubicles. Back when I first started working there, the guy who sat next to me was closing on a new house. He left to take another position within the company, and just last week the seat was re-filled with another widget maker, a nice guy named Aron. I just found out recently that he too is closing on a house. What are the odds?

(Apparently, the odds are exponentially better than me striking it rich in the lottery.)

In a way, Jamie and I are moving, just not to a new house. We're moving our bedroom to our office, and vice versa. That process should come to a head this weekend if everything goes right. It will seem like we're living in a brand new house, sort of, because we'll have to get used to sleeping in a different room.

But this fortune is clearly talking about moving to a new house. In that spirit, I decided to have a look. Hell, who knows, maybe I will strike it rich in the lottery soon. If I do, I certainly won't continue to live in this dump. I asked Jamie to look for the most expensive real estate listings she could find in Kansas City. She searched only for homes with a price over $1 million, and the first house that came up is actually one we've daydreamed about before. It's on Ward Parkway in Kansas City's most expensive neighborhood. Asking price: $4.3 million.

Yeah, that would be nice, but hey, we're talking about a Powerball win here. Those jackpots often exceed $100 million. Why should I slum it by living in a measly four million dollar house? I want a big house. Something luxurious. Something with a name. (You know, like "The White House," but less ostentatious.)

But to find bigger mansions, we'd have to move out of Kansas City. An internet search for "most expensive real estate listings" discovered this article from Yahoo, which lists the 10 priciest homes on the market right now. The articles is from May, so many of the homes have already sold. But this little gem, currently under construction, is still looking for an owner.

Thirteen bedrooms. Twenty-three bathrooms. Ninety thousand square feet (you could fit 16 of the Ward Parkway mansions inside it). And it's even got a name: Versailles. It's in Windermere, Florida, and the asking price is a cool $100 mil. Not bad for the "largest modern day palace under construction in America."

Yeah. That'll do.


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