Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today's fortune: August 18, 2011

Today's fortune: An exciting opportunity lies ahead for you.
I nearly discarded this fortune as a duplicate, because it sounds so similar to others I've had during this project. But no - I've had plenty of fortunes about opportunity and plenty more about excitement, yet never one about an "exciting opportunity."

The first thing that comes to mind is an adventure I decided to set out upon because of yesterday's fortune. To recap: in order to rest my widget-weary voice, this weekend I am taking a temporary vow of silence. For forty-eight hours, from midnight Saturday morning to midnight Sunday night, I don't plan on saying a word.

This is definitely going to be an opportunity for me. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to relax my vocal chords, but more than that I hope to gain balance and focus by eliminating my own babble from my daily soundtrack.

However, I admit, there's nothing too exciting about silence.

Tomorrow is Friday. And I think Jamie and I should take the opportunity tomorrow to do something fun and exciting before a weekend of speechlessness. Besides, we've been doing really well on our financial lockdown recently, and we deserve a night on the town.

So whaddaya say, Jamie? Would you kindly accompany me for a night out? Perhaps The Legends? Yard House happy hour? Then some window shopping, and maybe a movie, such as Crazy Stupid Love?

I leave you tonight with a song I heard on the way home from work today, a song that exemplifies fun in the sun this summer. It's "Believe" by The Dirty Heads: