Friday, August 19, 2011

Today's fortune: August 19, 2011

Today's fortune: Be prepared to accept a wondrous opportunity in the days ahead!

It's like the stars are aligning. All signs, and all fortunes, are pointing me to this temporary vow of silence I've chosen to take over the weekend.

Today is Friday, so "the days ahead," in the most literal sense, are Saturday and Sunday - the two days of the vow. It will be quite "wondrous" if I am able to actually not speak for forty-eight hours straight (in fact, everybody I've told about the vow has said, "I could never do that!"). And there is a great "opportunity" here to find peace among the silence. I can organize my thoughts, relax my voice, and listen - truly listen - to my wife. Something I don't do often enough.

Tonight Jamie and I are celebrating our love for one another and our recent financial restraint with dinner and a movie. Then, after I fall asleep tonight, I will remain silent for the entire weekend. I am prepared to accept this opportunity, and I only hope I can actually do it.

Wish me luck!

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