Saturday, August 27, 2011

Today's fortune: August 27, 2011

Today's fortune: Many pleasurable and memorable adventures are in store for you!

The road between Liberty, Mo., and Linn, Mo. - actually, you have two roads to choose from, I-70 or U.S. 50 - is well-worn by the Kelsey family. My family has lived in the Kansas City area for over thirty years, but we've always made frequent trips back home. That is to say, Jefferson City, where my dad was born and raised; Loose Creek, Mo., a town of 200 where my mom grew up; and Linn, Mo., where most of my family lives now.

We drove this route again today, a route we all know like the backs of our hands, one that we could navigate in our sleep. It's another pleasurable adventure, and it always makes me think of my parents and ancestors and their past lives, the ones I only see in glimpses through stories and photos and my own actions, which I'm told are quite similar to those of other relatives.

My most frequent childhood memory - and therefore my most memorable - is a game we used to play on that trip between Kansas City and central Missouri.

Back when I was just a wee child, I would always marvel at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City. It's a beautiful building, clearly modeled after the U.S. Capitol, but unique in its own right.

The capitol sits up on a hill (my dad grew up damn near in the shadow of the place), and you can see it from miles away.

Oh, there's one more detail about this story that's essential: When I was very young I thought the building was not the Missouri State Capitol, but instead I believed it to be George Washington's house. That's what I called it. Whenever we came within viewing distance of the capitol, I would yell out, in my adorable child voice, "There's George Washington's house!"

My mother turned it into a game: the "I Saw It First" game. Even to this day, whenever we're driving to Jefferson City, as we approach we all stare out the windshield waiting for the first glimpse of the capitol. Who ever sees it first yells out, "I saw it first!" They are thence crowned the winner and are given full gloating rights the rest of the weekend.

Today we let Jamie win. She thinks she saw it first. Isn't that cute?


  1. Damn, you've been playing that game for 30 years and still haven't won! No one believes "I let her win."