Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today's fortune: August 30, 2011

Today's fortune: One who admires you greatly is hidden before your eyes.

I'm finding that "secret admirers" are popular topics for fortune cookie writers. This is the third fortune I've received this year concerning this phenomenon.

Either that, or the fortune cookie gods are trying to tell me I have a stalker. Nah.

But when I opened the cookie this morning, I knew in an instant what it was talking about. The fact that I am admired came to my attention yesterday, but the admirers (that's right, plural) are, to this point, hidden before my eyes.

In fact, I know they surround me at work every day. My widget-making team and the team that sits across the aisle from us held a little competition this week. In addition to some performance-based prizes, every person on both teams also voted anonymously - hidden before your eyes - for the "Most Available" widget maker and the "Most Positive" widget maker. My co-worker Chelsea rightly won "Most Available." Yours truly was crowned "Most Positive."

I was just as shocked as you are.

It's nice to know the co-workers who sit closest to me every day recognize me as a positive influence on the team. However, one co-worker put it in perspective: "This really isn't a very positive bunch, so the bar was pretty low."

Still... I'm wearking my "Most Positive" crown with honor.


Now for something completely different. I've come to the end of the line with my current batch of fortune cookies. The case of Golden Bowl cookies lasted for only about 65 days. The previous batch - Shang Pin brand - held out for 76 days, and the first batch - Baily Fortune Company - hung around for a whopping 101 days.

At this rate, I may need a fifth batch before the year is through. But I'm hopeful for this most recent batch, purchased at the Chinatown Market in the City Market neighborhood of Kansas City, Mo. The brand is Fortune Boy, and the box boasts, "Magic LOTTO Number in each cookie may win you Big Fortune!"

And the wrappers are by far the most colorful. You get to see Fortune Boy in his full glory:

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