Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today's fortune: August 4, 2011

Today's fortune: You will get what your heart desires.

I was pretty certain I knew what this fortune meant when I opened the cookie this morning.

I've been working at Acme Co. since November of last year, and I've been out of training and on the widget-making floor since January. Because my most recent production numbers were acceptable, I was allowed to take a test to see if I could be bumped up to the next salary grade. That test was today.

Earning an extra 5 percent is not exactly "what my heart desires," though.

But shortly after I arrived at work, I thought maybe today's fortune was actually destined for one of my co-workers. A guy who sits near me told me this morning that he had taken another job. But it's not just any job; it's quite literally a dream job. I don't want to reveal too much, but let's just say it would be like if you loooooved to play video games and you got a full-time, good-paying job as a video game tester. That kinda dream job.

I wished my friend well, and I look forward to learning more about the job in his last two weeks at Acme Co.

But the more I think about my exam for advancing to the next salary grade, the more I think maybe this fortune was meant for me. No, a few extra bucks each paycheck is not "what my heart desires." But I do know this: I love working at Acme Co. The job I have is very challenging, and I don't think I could do it for more than a few years, but I absolutely can envision a career with the company. However, to be able to move up the ladder, it takes baby steps. You can't be promoted from widget maker to executive vice president in one move.

The next step up the ladder for me was this test.

I went into the exam room this afternoon more nervous than I'd been for a while. The room was full of equally nervous people in the same boat. After everyone was registered and all our materials were in place (45 minutes for this part of the process), I began the fifty-question, multiple choice test. I could get up to 10 questions wrong and still pass. I was certain I got way more than that wrong.

But Jamie and I are going out to have a sensibly-priced Indian food dinner right now. We're celebrating.

Because I got only three questions wrong. I passed.

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