Sunday, August 7, 2011

Today's fortune: August 7, 2011

Today's fortune: Two small jumps are sometimes better than one big leap.

This fortune couldn't have come at a better time.

I've been writing about our plan to move our bedroom to the room housing our office and vice versa. The office was bigger, and we wanted more space in the bedroom, where we spend one-third of our lives.

Today, Jamie and I finished the biggest portion of the job. But we wouldn't have been able to do it if we hadn't heeded the advice of this fortune.

See, it's not exactly easy to swap all the furniture in two rooms of your house. First, you have to move the furniture from Room A to a Neutral Zone, then move the furniture from Room B into Room A, and finally move the stuff from the Neutral Zone into Room B. Room A was our old office; Room B was the old bedroom; and the Neutral Zone was our little-used dining room.

Last night, we moved all the stuff out of the office and into the Neutral Zone dining room. But then we stopped. We went to sleep, in our old bedroom, with all the office stuff spending the night in the dining room.

Today, we moved the stuff from the old bedroom into the new bedroom and the office furniture from the dining room into the new office.

If we had tried to do all of it last night - one big leap - I'm certain we would have failed. We would have worn ourselves out, fought tooth and nail and probably been forced to sleep in the living room because our mattress would have been leaning against a wall somewhere. By splitting it up over two days - two small jumps - we finished without getting too tired and with no major fights. Jamie and I are thrilled with the results, too. I have a shiny new workspace in our new office with plenty of natural light:

All my books are still boxed up, but I have an empty wall of bookshelves that look like a blank canvas for a booklover like me:

And, best of all, we have a brand-new master bedroom which, finally, is fitting of the name:

It's almost like we have a whole new house.

Now, Jamie and I are going to rest for the remainder of the evening. Maybe we'll sneak off to our brand-new bedroom and read the Sunday paper together, a ritual we postponed this morning because of the move.

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