Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today's fortune: September 10, 2011

Today's fortune: You will be of good comfort.
 Ever part of me except for one is extreeeeeemely comfortable right now. I've had a great day, and I feel like a warm blanket is tucked up underneath my chin.

My birthday is next week, and to celebrate I met my family at Cinzetti's, an Italian buffet in Overland Park, Kansas. The food is magical, and I stuffed myself silly. Afterwards, we moseyed across the street to Half Price Books, my favorite store on the entire planet, for some lazy Saturday afternoon book shopping - paid for courtesy of my mother-in-law, who gave me a HPB gift card for my birthday.

Now, to the part of me that's not comfortable. It's the fingertips on my left hand. They're hurtin', big time, because for the past two days I've been practicing endlessly on my beautiful birthday present from my beautiful wife.

That's my new ukelele. So far, I know five chords, and I'm learning two more.

But my fingers are killing me. I cringe just typing these words.

I'm going to go practice a little more, then maybe an afternoon nap while I soak my fingers in ice water.


  1. You're learning the yuke! I'm envious. Awesome gift on Jamie's part, right?

  2. Yeah, man. I love it. One of my favorite gifts of all time.