Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Today's fortune: September 14, 2011

Today's fortune: Good news will be brought to you by mail.

This fortune sorta turned out to be true, even though I'm not allowed to get the mail at the Kelsey house. That responsibility - nay, right - strictly falls to my wife Jamie, who has specifically and explicitly forbidden me from opening the mailbox. I've heard it's nice inside there, though.

But sometimes Jamie shares with me the items that come in the mail. She sends off for free samples quite a bit, and sometimes Jamie even lets look and touch these. Once she even let me eat one of our free samples.

Today, Jamie told me what was in the mail: Coupons, junk, and a pay stub. The coupons ain't the good news. Neither is the junk.

Jamie has been working as a substitute teacher and doing a darn good job of it. Today she got her first pay stub. And, today, she also found out that she'll be serving as a long-term sub all next week and possibly even longer.

I'm so proud of her and happy for her I could burst. And the paycheck will help a lot, too.

This is Jamie's dream, to teach. And although she's not a full-fledged teacher yet, the dream has begun. The paycheck today indicated as much. Soon, she'll have a classroom of her own, and the world will be a better place for it.

As for me... well, tomorrow's my birthday, so maybe I'll get a card in the mail. That'll be good news, too.