Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today's fortune: October 11, 2011

Today's fortune: A merry heart does good like a medicine.

So what happened was this: I was sick as a dog Saturday night and early Sunday, but on Sunday my fortune read, "Where there is will there is way." Based on that, I powered through my sickness Sunday and resisted the temptation of calling in sick to work on Monday.

And I went to work. And it was fine, I held up well.

But after a couple hours making widgets, I checked the available time-off calendar for today. Time was available, so I took today off.

I don't think this means I failed on my fortune from Sunday. I did go to work yesterday, and I worked a full day. But I could tell I wasn't 100 percent recovered from my cold.

Fortunately, I received a blessing in the form of today's fortune. And I have fulfilled it in spades. I have spent the entire day with my beautiful wife Jamie. My heart is so merry it could burst, and I feel almost healed.

Jamie had an appointment across town this morning, and I went with her to keep her company during the drive. Afterward, we enjoyed breakfast and stopped by a local bakery to peruse their goods. Then we came home and dove into bed for a looooooong morning-into-afternoon nap. Waking around 1:30, we left the house again and visited our local library to rent some CDs and DVDs for afternoon and evening entertainment. Now, Jamie is tapping away at her laptop as I write this post.

Of course, I haven't been leaving the healing process to merry heart alone; I've also been taking a rigorous course of over-the-counter cold medicine. The good stuff - the kind you have to show your driver's license to purchase and you can only buy one box at a time because people make meth out of it.

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