Monday, October 17, 2011

Today's fortune: October 17, 2011 - PHOTO ESSAY

Today's fortune: Wish you happiness.

This three-word gem is by far the shortest, and the one least resembling a complete sentence, I've received in nearly 300 tries so far. But it came on the perfect day. Although we celebrated it with a party on Saturday, today is actually Jamie's birthday. I took the day off work and Jamie shrugged off substitute teaching assignments so we could spend it together. Today's fortune wished me happiness - and a day on the town with my wife, a classic Kansas City day, gave us both a memory's worth of happiness.

We began the day meeting Jamie's mom at one of our favorite Indian restaurants for a terrific buffet lunch. CARROT UPDATE - The orange stuff at the front of the picture is called Gajar Halwa, and it's a sweet carrot pudding.

Afterward, we shopped around the Westport area, including a stop at Pryde's Old Westport, a kitchen supply store and one of the most unique shops in the city. Then we headed to Crown Center for more shopping, including a stop at a wonderful-smelling chocolatier, where Jamie and I sampled some cake pops - a small ball of cake dipped in frosting and impaled on a stick. Mine was strawberry flavored...

... and Jamie enjoyed a chocolate, Halloween-themed pop.

One of the boutiques at Crown Center featured a perplexing deal on greeting cards.

Finally we drove downtown and then across the 12th Street Viaduct to the West Bottoms, where Jamie and I spent some time at Jaskki's, a cool hookah cafe, where Jamie made a furry friend named Loki.

We were also treated to a grimy-but-beautiful industrial view of the Kansas City skyline, some West Bottoms warehouses and the 12th Street Viaduct.

Now we're back home to watch a movie. Jamie is using her birthday prerogative to pick the film, and she's making me suffer through "Beaches." But I don't mind. I was blessed with happiness today, and the chickiest of all chick flicks won't take that away from me.

Happy birthday, darling.

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