Sunday, October 2, 2011

Today's fortune: October 20, 2011 - PHOTO ESSAY

Today's fortune: You are a person of culture.

I did it.

Today, I did what I promised I would do on Friday. I took my wife to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, the first time I've ever been, and to refresh your memory it's a place I said I would never go because, well, I hate that kind of thing.

I thought I hated it. And truth be told, I kinda still hate it. But you know what? I had a lot of fun. Jamie had a lot of fun. We laughed, smiled and held hands the whole day. Truth be told, it was the perfect day. And why wouldn't it be? I was spending it with the prettiest maiden in all the land.

We started out by watching some jousting, which was pretty cool although nobody was stabbed to death with a lance - a bit of a letdown.

Then we enjoyed some of the local entertainment.

Jamie took some time out to smoke a hookah, one of her favorite leisurely activities.

And I ate a giant piece of meat, one of my favorite leisurely activities.

The turkey leg was just as delicious as everybody told me it would be. It's just too bad they didn't have a Tofurky leg for my vegetarian wife.

One last funny story, which pretty much sums up the day. Right after we walked in, from the corner of my eye I saw a sign which I thought said "Wine Tasting." I wouldn't have minded boozing it up a little to make the costumed dorks a little more tolerable. But on closer inspection, the sign actually said "Magic Wand Testing." I didn't really need to test my magic wand, so we passed on by.

Honestly though, we had a blast, and - I never thought I'd say this - I wouldn't mind going back again next year. The Ren Fest is a good time, even if it's not your thing. And for me, it was a perfect opportunity to fulfill today's fortune. By experiencing something new with people I wouldn't normally hang out with, I gained a new perspective on a different culture. And although I don't believe I'll evert be a part of that culture, I truly enjoyed spending time surrounded by it for an afternoon.

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