Monday, October 31, 2011

Today's fortune: October 31, 2011

Today's fortune: You will have a fine capacity for the enjoyment of life.
I was hoping for something along the lines of "Spooky, scary ghosts and goblins will be visiting your doorstep this evening!" But that's not the case. Still, I'm hoping on a good amount of tiny and medium-sized tots dressed like their favorite superheroes, storybook characters and fortune cookie bloggers knocking on our front door asking for Halloween treats tonight. They will be given a handful of Kit Kat and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, in addition to a fortune cookie for each child.

And handing out Halloween candy is something that does give me enjoyment in this life. Jamie and I have lived in apartments for many of our Halloweens together, so we haven't been able to entertain trick-or-treaters that often. Quick story from a memorable Halloween: during the short time Jamie and I lived in Arkansas, we were there in the fall. One day while working at the newspaper, one of the county judges walked into the office and said, "I need you to run an announcement. Halloween is gonna be celebrated on Friday, October 30 this year."

"Why?" I asked, incredulous.

"We can't celebrate it on Saturday. That's a church night."

I'd never heard of such a ridiculous thing in all my life. I agreed to put it in the paper, and I withheld my judgment. Surely, I thought, nobody would pay attention to such a demand to ignore the actual date of Halloween because it fell on the day before Sunday. Still, we stocked up on candy early, just in case.

Sure enough, on Friday, October 30, trick-or-treaters showed up. A ton of them - literally, over a hundred. They came in truckloads. We ran out of candy, and I had to run to the grocery store for more. I even bought extra, thinking we'd get just as many the next night on real Halloween.

On October 31, not a single trick-or-treater showed up. That's living in the South for you.

So I'll be passing out candy tonight (some little ghouls and goblins have already started to show up). Then I'll be enjoying life by kicking back, watching the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football, eating a frozen pizza and drinking a few brews. That's not a shabby way to spend a Halloween night.

The only thing missing is Jamie - she has school tonight. But she'll be home before long. And then the evening will be perfect.

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