Thursday, November 24, 2011

Today's fortune: November 24, 2011

Today's fortune: You have a lively family.

It's Thanksgiving Day, so it's appropriate the fortune cookie gods would send me a message about family. Jamie and I are spending the day with both of our families.

For lunch, Jamie and I hosted her mother and father. Jamie roasted a turkey and our own personal Thanksgiving tradition, a tender, juicy, slow-cooked, wine-marinated brisket. Jamie's mom made wonderful homemade stuffing, and the two collaborated on the other trimmings and a homemade pumpkin pie - by which I mean, the ingredients started out the day inside an actual pumpkin. Jamie's dad brought over the whipped cream to top it off.

This afternoon we're heading to my parents' house for dinner. We'll bring leftover brisket and some sides, my mom is making a delicious honey-glazed ham, and my brother and sister-in-law are focusing on desserts. We're planning to spend the night at their house, and tomorrow for lunch Marty will make a turkey in his infrared cooker to add to the feast.

I am so thankful for my lively family. I'm thankful for a four-day Thanksgiving weekend. I'm thankful for the terrific food that comes with this day, for the universal traditions we all share and the small private traditions that seem to be present in every family. I'm thankful for the parades and the football on TV, and the nap after lunch.

But none of those things would be enjoyable without that first one: family.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.