Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today's fortune: November 30, 2011

Today's fortune: You are going to take a vacation.

Well, that's true, actually. I have time off scheduled around Christmas. It took a little bit of skill and finesse to get it. Vacation days are hard to come by around the holidays, but on the day the vacation slots became available I came to work early and submitted my request (literally) seconds after the the requests were first accepted.

I'm taking four and a half vacation days, and the net result is 10 days off in a row! Saturday, December 17 and Sunday, December 18 are day one and two; I'm taking vacation days on Monday, December 19 through Thursday, December 22, and I'm taking a half-day of vacation on Friday, December 23 - because of Christmas, we are given a half day off that day. Then I have two more days of weekend and we're given the day off on Monday, December 26. I'll return to work on Tuesday, December 27.

I already know that day is gonna suck. So I've written myself a message on my desk calendar to rally my spirits.

An incident today reminded me that I could use a good long vacation. I was speaking on the phone to a woman who happened to be hearing impaired. After a few seconds she interrupted me and asked if I could slow down. The interpreter device she was using to understand me couldn't keep up with my pace.
When I tried to slow down my speech, I discovered it was really difficult. I speak very fast on the phone, because the pace here at Acme Co. is pretty demanding. But now i'm beginning to wonder if my customers, even the ones who aren't hearing impaired, are having a hard time understanding me.

A big ol' chill pill in the form of 10 straight days off will help, I think. At least I'm looking forward to trying.

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