Saturday, November 5, 2011

Today's fortune: November 5, 2011

Today's fortune: A modest man never talks of himself.

Time to shut the blog down, I guess. I've been writing about myself for 309 days now.

Oh, wait: this fortune says "A modest man never TALKS about himself." Doesn't mention writing. Thank god.

But this fortune is a good excuse to highlight the significance of this day. It's my brother Marty's birthday.

My brother works for a professional sports organization, a fact he is very proud of (and which makes me jealous to the bone), and his present from me was a set of framed photos from him working on the job. I would show one of those pictures here, but I don't want to reveal too much about his employer. Instead, I'll just run this stock photograph of Marty.

He loves that picture. Happy birthday, bro.

One thing I take away from this fortune is that I should make an effort to talk about myself less. Sometimes I think we all fall into selfish patterns where we believe the stuff going on in our own lives is way more interesting than what anybody else has to say. I'd be willing to bet that the most interesting people talk about themselves the least. This guy probably never talks about himself.