Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today's fortune: December 14, 2011

Today's fortune: It is not your character to give up.

As much as it may not be in my character, I think we can all point to times in our lives when we've given up.

And you know what? Sometimes giving up is the right thing to do. To wit: I wrote the first half of two very crappy novels. I wanted to complete them at the time, but in hindsight I realize they were both lost causes. I wouldn't have grown as a writer or as a person for having completed them.

Most of the time, finishing what you start is, of course, a good thing. When I finally did write a complete novel, I had an even greater sense of pride because the novel was, at least in my mind, pretty good.

"It is not in your character to give up." It's a message to live by. And it's the single driving purpose that has kept me going with this blog, even when I didn't want to. Now... the end is finally so near.

Another task I've been working hard at is a course I'm required to take at work (well, I guess I'm not technically required to take it, but if I don't, I would never be eligible for a raise or a promotion... so I'm taking it). The course is very hard, and there's a test at the end. The purpose of the course is to teach me every single little thing about the widget making business - not only my particular part of it but the industry as a whole. There are three very large books that go with the course as well, and two giant stacks of flash cards.

And the test is in February, which is right around the corner.

But I'm not giving up. It's not in my character to give up. My friend Quincy and I are studying together, and we're working hard to make sure we have the material down cold before the test rolls around.

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