Saturday, December 24, 2011

Today's fortune: December 24, 2011

Today's fortune: You will enjoy good health, you will be surrounded by luxury.

On this Christmas Eve, this fortune came true in more ways than I can count.

Jamie and I gathered with my family all day today. On the health side, we dined on three interesting and delicious (if not completely healthy) meals. For dinner, we each made pizzas. Lunch was a selection of appetizers. And for breakfast, my brother Marty made pancakes to order (I ordered a chocolate chip Mickey Mouse pancake - and I actually got it).

We also lavished each other with Christmas gifts, including one with a sentimental story. When my dad was young, growing up poor in Jefferson City, Mo., his parents saved their pennies and once a month purchased him one of a series of books called "Bomba the Jungle Boy." Over the years dad's collection of books disappeared. But now that Marty is preparing to bring a child into the world, dad decided he wanted to be able to pass "Bomba" down to the next generation. With the help of a young person who can use the internet (my wife), mom and dad found two Bomba books; one for Marty and his pending child, and one for me.

And I also received something that I've been coveting for months; something I tried to buy a knockoff version of earlier in the year. But this ain't no knockoff; this is the real deal - a tablet computer.

I've been playing on it all day, and when I'm finished here I'm going to go play on it some more.

Of course, I also surrounded my wife's cranium with luxury in the form of a new pair of earrings. But she really didn't care about the earrings themselves; all she cared about was receiving her first Blue Box.