Friday, December 30, 2011

Today's fortune: December 30, 2011

Today's fortune: You are ambitious.

Three hundred forty-eight days ago, I received another fortune with the word "Ambitious" in it: "You have an ambitious nature and will make a name for yourself." Although today's fortune is just a simplified version of the same thing, I decided to use it anyway.

Starting this project was perhaps the most ambitious thing I've ever undertaken. I honestly had no idea whether I'd be able to finish it. If I can survive another 24 hours, I will have accomplished something that, for me, has been remarkable. I haven't changed the world. I haven't cured any diseases. I haven't solved any major problems. But I have changed my own world, and maybe I've changed the worlds of the people around me a little. And I have cured myself of shyness and being closed-off and I've cured myself with a newfound belief that I can accomplish anything. And along the way, I did solve some minor problems in my life, and I'm a better person for it.

Overall, I would say this project has been an overwhelming success. And to this point, My Daily Fortune has been the defining experience of my life. I'm proud of what I've done here. And I'm grateful. Gratefuly to all of you for reading. Grateful to my family and my friends for putting up with me and indulging and endless litany of questions about fortunes. Grateful most of all to my wife, who not only read, and indulged, but also gave me more support than I could have imagined was possible. I love you, darling.

So here we are. One more day, and then I ride off into the sunset. Tune in tomorrow for the final chapter. But for now, I wish you the fondest of farewells.


  1. Dad and I will miss these daily blogs of yours. We are very proud of what you have accomplished -- well, maybe not the tattoo -- but we have enjoyed reading this every day and will be lost without it. Thank you for doing this and enriching our lives with your words. Love, Dad and Mom