Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Today's fortune: December 6, 2011

Today's fortune: Share your joys and sorrows with your family.

I can't begin to count the joys and sorrows Jamie and I have shared over a decade-long relationship and an eight-year marriage. The sorrows have been multitude, but the joys? Why, the number of joys has been exponentially higher. And the joys are the ones we remember.

We shared an amazing joy just this week. Jamie is finishing up her studies to become a teacher. Next semester she will work as a student teacher, and after that she'll graduate. The most recent drama has been in waiting to hear about her student teaching assignment.

Yesterday, she got the call, and she's been assigned to a third grade classroom in Kansas City, Kansas, just a few miles from our house.

This is a great joy; it represents a huge step forward in her education and her budding career.

I know we'll have many more sorrows, but I'm also certain the joys will be unimaginable. Right now we're going to go enjoy dinner together, then spend the evening enjoying each other's company.