Monday, January 31, 2011

Poll results: Most people like fortune cookies

The results of the My Daily Fortune Totally Scientific January Poll are in, and the people have spoken.

An overwhelming 79 percent of you said you eat the fortune cookie at the end of a Chinese food meal, including 54 percent of respondents who said you absolutely love them.

The poll ended up receiving 101 votes. Here are the results:

When you dine on Chinese food, do you eat the fortune cookie?

Yes! I love 'em! And I steal everybody else's, too! 54%

Yes, but just for good luck. 25%

Only if I'm still hungry after the meal. 9%

Fortune cookies? Gross! They taste like cardboard! 12%

I must admit, I was pretty surprised by the results. When talking to people about this project, quite a few people told me they hated the taste of fortune cookies. Perhaps it's just a vocal minority.

Thanks, everybody, for voting! The February poll will be posted on Tuesday.


  1. Hey Matt! I came across a fortune today that I had saved from quite a while ago. My fortune was "we're all a little crazy in one way or another". Or, if you prefer, it had the Spanish translation on the back (Somos todo un poco loco en de un solo sentido u otro). Don't ask me why, maybe I happened upon a Hispanic-Chinese restaurant...

    My question is this: what happens if you open your fortune cookie and instead of a revelation of things to come or instructions for your day you find an adage instead?

    I'm SURE you don't coming to a screeching halt while your heart pounds in your ears and a cold sweat erupts on your brow as you try to determine how to make "cold eggs never hurt anyone" applicable to your day; but what is your SOP when and if you faced with this dilemma?

    And if this hadn't occurred to you, you're welcome. You might find a game plan in case of such an event will prove most advantageous.

  2. Hey D'Erin! I've already encountered this to some extent. Jan. 4: "Versatility is one of your outstanding traits." Jan. 7: "Your qualities overshadow your weaknesses."

    If I got the fortune you mentioned, I'd write about how that statement is very, very true. I'd write about some of our former co-workers (you know who I mean), and write about how I'M a little crazy. But then I'd write that being crazy isn't necessarily a bad thing; people who are strictly down-to-earth are boring and unhappy. The "little crazy" inside us all actually... keeps us sane, in some way.

  3. Never seen a hundred year old egg, eh? I sure as hell wouldn't eat one ... no matter how cold it was! ;}

    Sorry, couldn't resist that one .

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