Thursday, March 3, 2011

POLL: The results are in

In a battle between fortune cookies and horoscopes, the contest was won by...


When asked, "Do you put more stock in fortune cookies or horoscopes?" 39 percent of My Daily Fortune readers answered with an attitude by saying "Don't be stupid. If you put stock in either, you're a big, dopey idiot."

Ouch. What did fortune cookies or horoscopes ever do to you?

Thirty-six percent of readers, though, said fortune cookies and horoscopes are equally valid.

But if you discard those two questions, fortune cookies defeated horoscopes handily, by a 5:2 ratio. Eighteen percent of readers said they put more stock in "Fortune cookies! I believe in fate, and fortune cookies come to us from a higher power," while only seven percent of readers prefer "Horoscopes! At least there's some astrological science involved."

Thanks, everybody, for voting in the February poll. Now on to March! Check out the March poll in the top right hand corner of the page and let me know about your favorite Chinese food.

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