Monday, April 4, 2011

Today's fortune: April 4, 2011

Today's fortune: Don't give up. Your problem gets better next month.

It's just my luck that I get this fortune on the fourth day of the current month as opposed to, say, the 27th day.

But that's okay. I am fortified by this fortune, because my problem is going to get better in May. And, I'm thusly encouraged: "Don't give up," the fortune says. Another way to put it: Hold Fast.

I know exactly what my problem is, too: it's that feeling of being overwhelmed at work. And actually, it's already gotten a little bit better in the last few days. If you read this blog regularly, you know that last Monday and Tuesday were terrible days at the ol' widget factory. I was overwhelmed and felt like I was constantly behind, leading to a general malaise. I was even pulled into the principal's office when a manager at Acme Co. who is a fan of the blog read those two posts and wanted to make sure I was okay.

But by the end of last week, things were looking up a little. I started to feel like I could manage it all. As of today, and I no longer feel like I'm far behind (just a little bit behind).

This fortune hopefully means that by next month, I'll be completely on top of things. That would be nice.

I also called on good karma to help out, thanks to another manager at the office. The company held two raffles today, and everybody in the building could enter only one. The prize for Raffle A was 200 "points." At Acme Co., points can be used to buy stuff, ranging from kitchen and bath supplies to hotel rooms, cruises and vacation packages. A point is worth about a dollar.

The prize for raffle B is a sizable donation to the March of Dimes, a very worthwhile organization that helps babies. Their mission statement: "We help moms have full-term pregnancies and research the problems that threaten the health of babies."

Both buckets were equally full when I walked to the table to deposit my ticket. The manager was standing there observing the action and giving away popcorn and cupcakes (have I mentioned Acme is an awesome place to work?).

"So bucket A is the selfish bucket," I joked. "This is a hard decision."

"Yeah," he said. "But what's your fortune today?"

I told him. He thought for a minute and replied, "Maybe go for the March of Dimes raffle. The donation will go through next month. Maybe that could help your problem."

Even though in my selfish little heart I wanted those points, I saw the manager's logic. And, since he was standing right there and I didn't want to look like a jerk, I dropped my ticket into bucket B.

Enjoy your donation, babies.

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