Friday, June 3, 2011

Shocking poll results! And, a new question for June

The May poll (hehe, maypole) question asked readers a deep, dark, personal question, and the answers were shocking. The question was, "If you knew it would come true, which fortune would you most like to receive?" But the real question was, "If you knew when and in what situation you would die, would you want to know?"

The overwhelming answer - no.

Fifty-three percent of readers selected the answer, "Your fate will not be decided by a fortune cookie." Coming in second with 33 percent of the vote was, "You will die at the age of 70 as a billionaire." Third place, with a mere 13 percent, was "You will die in exactly 10 years, but all of the days of your life will be joyous."

The fourth option - "You will live to be 100 but you will die broke" - did not receive a single vote.

(Maybe that's because, as life expectancy increases and the economy shrinks, this is the most likely outcome for all of us.)

For June, let's go with a much, much lighter poll question: If you could have a fortune cookie in any flavor, what would it be?

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