Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MDF readers love money - and, a new poll!

We had a ton of votes in our July poll, and the overwhelming majority answered the question "If you could find something inside your fortune cookie besides a fortune, what would you like to find?" with the answer, "A ten-dollar bill."

Sixty-four percent of voters chose money, well ahead of the 16 percent who chose "A coupon for free Chinese food." Another 16 percent chose my personal favorite, "Creamy filling!" Only four percent of voters chose "A Crackerjack-box necklace." If that option was "a diamond necklace" instead, I wonder how many of the money-grubbing 64 percent would have changed their votes?

The August poll asks readers: "A fortune cookie comes free with Chinese food. Which other type of food should come with free dessert?"

Don't forget to vote!

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