Saturday, October 1, 2011

RESULTS: Big jackpots draw most lottery players - and, a new poll!

The September poll took a look at those lucky numbers on the back of fortune cookies and asked readers, "How often do you play the lottery?"

The winning answer was "Whenever the jackpots hits $100 million," which received 44 percent of the vote. A two-way tie for second developed between "Never" and "Whenever I get a fortune cookie with lucky numbers," both answers receiving 22%. And even though the lottery industry seems to be booming, the asnwer "At least once a week" only received 11 percent of the vote.

For the record, in 2011 I could have selected two answers: "At least once a week," since I buy tickets every single week, and "Whenever I get a fortune cookie with lucky numbers," which happens every single day. When the calendar rolls over to 2012, my answer will probably revert back to "Never."

Now that it's October, let's ask a spooky Halloween-themed question: Which fortune would you most like to receive on October 31? Don't forget to vote in the upper right hand corner of the page!

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